Additional Baptism Information

Additional information regarding the Sacrament of Baptism is included below.

Pictures and Flowers

Flash pictures ARE NOT ALLOWED during the worship service. If you wish to “recreate” any of the baptismal service, please inform the pastor and this can be done following the morning worship. Video is permitted as long as the person taking the film remains seated and uses no extra lighting.

You are responsible to inform any guests attending the worship service that no flash pictures are allowed.

Flowers on the altar or on the pedestals may be given in honor of the baptism for that day. In order to arrange this, please sign up on the board in the hallway to the right of the office window.

If you have questions about this procedure, please speak with the pastor or call the church office (336-9355). Generally, you order the flowers and have them delivered on Saturday. Arrangements need to be made so the church will be open for that delivery.


Following the baptism, there is a Song of Baptism which may be sung by the congregation or by a soloist. If you have a special preference, please speak with the minister. In the New Century Hymnal some of the choices are:

  • #325 Child of Blessing, Child of Promise
  • #327 Jesus Loves Me
  • #328 Wonder of Wonders, Here Revealed

Speak with the minister about appropriate songs for a solo or duct.

Godparents or Sponsors

In the Congregational tradition, it is not necessary to have sponsors or godparents because the whole community of faith promises to nurture your child in the faith. However, if you wish to have sponsors or godparents, simply let the minister know their first names. They will come forward as parents bring the child forward and they will be asked the question regarding their promise to do everything in their power to see that the parents fulfill their vows before God.

Honorarium For The Church

If you wish to present an offering in honor of your child’s baptism, you are free to do so. Since most parents are already pledging to the support of the church, the offering is optional.

Seating Arrangements

Parents and (Sponsors/Godparents, if any) sit in the front row on the left side of the church facing the altar. Relatives and friends are invited to identify themselves to the ushers and sit on either side of the aisle in the front section. If child(ren) becomes too disruptive, please go to the soundproof rooms at the rear of the sanctuary where the service can still be seen and heard.

Other Considerations

Following the actual service of baptism, the minister will walk down the aisle with the child as a symbol of introducing the congregation to the child and the child to the congregation.

After then final prayer and blessing, parents will sign the Book of Life at the direction of that morning’s deacon who will then present you with the child’s certificate of baptism. The minister will also present you with a special baptismal cup which has the child’s name and date of baptism. This cup may be kept for the child and used on other important days of life’s journey.

On the day of Baptism, the child’s name is placed on the Cradle Roll of the church with the expectation that as your child grows, he or she will be enrolled into the Church School and be an active part of the faith community as promised by the parents on this special day.