Church Etiquette for Baptisms

It is often difficult for those attending the baptism in our church to know the acceptable way of worshiping. Here are some tips that we ask you to share with your family and friends.

  • Parents and Godparents sit in 2nd row on the ‘choir’ side. Have godparents sit on the aisle and parents with child sit in center (so if baby cries in service after the baptism is completed, you can easily slip out of the pew and take the child out the side entryway.   And if the baby becomes quiet or sleeps, you can slip back into the same pew on the outside. Please do not walk in front of the congregation or down the center aisle once the service has begun.
  • Please advise any friends or family members coming with young children to sit near the back and if the baby/toddler/child is not able to be quiet, take them to one of the crying rooms in the back of the church.
  • It is easy to hear crying/running/talking in the room behind the sanctuary so please advise anyone who goes there to keep noise to a minimum.
  • Encourage each family member to use the Bulletins (Orders of Service which are provided to each worshiper) and to follow along with the prayers and hymns.
  • If the service is one where communion is served, please clarify that ALL are welcome and invited to come forward, take bread, dip it into the cup and receive.
  • Please remember to inform family and friends that no flash pictures are allowed in worship and video may be taken only from a seated position in the pew.

It is essential for the deacons to share this information as some families not familiar with our tradition for worship see the service as ONLY the baptism – and while every child is to be celebrated … talking, moving about, disregard for the hour of worship can be very distracting for those who have come to sense God’s presence in hymns, prayers, sermon, and others aspects of the total worship experience.

We seek to be an open and welcoming congregation and hope that those who come to worship with us will sense the hospitality and holiness of this faith community.